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It’s National Burger Day, so let’s talk burgers.

The beloved burger of ours gets its day on May 28. Burgers are now a global phenomenon we know, love, and consume almost all year long. In honor of National Burger Day, let’s talk about burgers today. At the get-go, this culinary item is grilled patty, veggies, and some cheese placed in-between buns, but the demand and urge among foodies for this food is simply exceptional. People love it on workdays, weekends, night parties, family celebrations, and almost anything in between. It is estimated that around 6.48 million burgers are consumed worldwide every day. Simply looking at this stat speaks volumes about how Burger Frenzy has taken over the world.

Burgers, or hamburgers if you prefer, may be called many different names around the world- this culinary item has gone from strength to strength in the western civilization. The term ‘hamburger’ originated in Hamburg, a city in northern Germany, which earned its modern-day reputation in the United States. Initially, it was just hamburg steak served by German immigrants living across New York and Chicago. Eventually, to make eating convenient for consumers, cooks began to put hamburg steak between slices of bread appearing as sandwiches. So in America, burgers are sometimes referred to as sandwiches as well. From humble beginnings in the late 18th century to the present-day burgers that come in various sizes, flavors, and seasonings, our favorite dish has come a long way.

Burgers, as we know, have acquired different forms and become a diverse food item with the addition of various ingredients. It is served richly with a single-layer patty, mostly beef patty or multi-layer pattie. You can visit any local or established fast-food chain, restaurant, or watering hole worldwide; you may find burgers on their menus. The simple answer to why burgers have become popular is that they are convenient food for anyone. The eating process is easy, they are cheap, and a delight to taste buds. It is almost as if every chef is selling burgers. You are likely to find it or even settle for it at brunch or dinner with a drink of your choice.

Meat used inside burgers is ground meat, and other major ingredients inside it are mostly vegetables, so there is no more chewing for consumers. You do not have to cut it into pieces; just lift it and eat. Burgers offer additional flavors over meat and vegetables when served with burger cheese. They come in different flavors based on the type of cheese used in it, so you have a different taste to try from time to time, keeping your eating practice fresh and exciting. Many eateries serve burgers with fries and drinks in a combo pack, so it is a complete meal for only a few dollars.

Burgers are available 24/7 at fast-food chains and are easy to cook in your home. The ingredients are readily available, and you do not require in-depth culinary knowledge to prepare a burger. Just make sure you have a high-quality burger cheese that you can easily purchase in bulk from Pure Dairy. Enjoy your burgers because they are delicious.

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